Thursday, August 23, 2012

9 and 10 months old, getting so big!

The boys are growing and growing and all I want to do is STOP it!!  It makes me a little teary eyed thinking about them and how far we have come.  So much joy and happiness have come into our lives because of these babes.  I want to squeeze them all the time and cuddle them up! They never want to cuddle but their mommy does. ;)  I love seeing their personality come alive and the interaction they have with each other. It is the sweetest thing ever!  Just the other day I had them both in the crib playing as I was hanging shelves and I heard Luke laugh so loud. He kept giggling and sure enough Jonah started laughing too.  Luke had fallen over and Jonah kept leaning towards him and touching him and he thought it was so funny! I ran and got the video camera and got the whole thing. I wanted to post it but I can't find the cord to download to the computer.  Don't worry if you ever come over to my house I will show it to you.  I swear the last few visitors we have had I have showed them and I am sure they are thinking "thanks for showing me your home videos...not".  It is just too darn cute to pass up!

In July they turned 9 months and we celebrated 4th of July with both families.  We were lucky to have had my mom and dad here from Oregon since JJ and Zac blessed their new addition, George. Lucky us!  So mom and dad Waldeck came over from Mesa and we had a BBQ and went swimming!  Luke got his helmet wrapped that day and it looks awesome.  There is this place by our house that wraps baby helmets for FREE!!  We hopped on that and got it done.  Of course we had to go AZ Cardinals all the way but we did add a special touch and put my dad's old football number on the back.  We surprised him with it when he came over.

The month of July went so fast and I can't remember much of what we did.  I am pretty sure Aaron went out of town for work and so I got help from my wonderful MIL Robin.  She is the best and so helpful to me!   Summer is so hard for me here in AZ because it is torture to go outside and I dread taking the boys anywhere because they get so hot, I get so hot and we are all exhausted by the time we get home.  My poor boys don't even know what grass feels like because it is too hot to go to the park.   I guess we will just have to wait to show the boys how wonderful summertime can be until we get to Oregon next week! Here are some 9 month pictures of the boys.  I have decided that 9 and 10 months are my favorite baby age.  So fun to play with, giggly, eating by themselves (with some help), trying to say new words, etc.  I am pretty lucky though because at 9 months they were not crawling yet.  Just sitting, rolling, and getting into crawl position but no luck...yet. ;)

       4th of July with Grandma Newell

                                      Thanks to my Uncle Jim and Aunt Gaye the boys got to wear these cute little outfits.  I like them because Luke came first so he got "8" and Jonah got "9".

                          His helmet is complete with the Az Cardinal wrap.  The other side has a cardinal bird above the ear
                               Grandpa Newell's old football number

                                           Pool time on the 4th of July
                                       They LOVE to be in the pool and they especially love the floats.  They will just lean back and let the water sway them back and forth
                                          Luke is on the left and Jonah on the right
                                                  Getting ready for pool time.  New hats and getting used to it
                                       Jonah on the left, Luke on the right

                                                          Hello Jonah!
                                                       Cute little boys
                                             Luke gets an hour break everyday from his helmet. He is such a trooper about it all.
                                             Jonah playing in the jumper.  He likes to sway back and forth rather than jump.  If you hold him sometimes he will start doing it sometimes.  It is so cute!
                                        They still love to watch me in the kitchen as I cook
                                                 Playtime!  They love measuring cups
                                       Crazy boys playing with mommy
                                They love grabbing at each other which can be a bad and a good thing.
                                                       My little sheriff
                                              Crazy Jonah rolling around
                                  I love taking random shots of them playing together.

                                           Watching mom cook again

                                             Typical Jonah face..whining!
                                                  Hi boys!
                                     Bathtime.  They always fight over the rubber duck, I guess I should get two but I figure they need to learn to share at some point.
                                     Rolling around in their room
                                         Luke on the left and Jonah on the right
                                          Playtime again...
                        Whenever Jonah smiles he hunches over and gives the cutest cheesy grin
                                                   He is focusing on something
There's that measuring cup they love
                                        Hanging out with dad
Is eyeing dad's sonic drink
                                    They both see the drink and won't let it out of their site
                                              Another random shot of them playing together
                            Jonah can't get enough of his brother's helmet and it drives Luke nuts!

                                      Jonah pulled apart the humidifier and dragged it over to his crib.  He is a mover!
                                            Luke looking so confused.  You might be wondering what is on Luke's helmet.  We went to Cardinal camp and got tons of autographs.  It was awesome.  I will post some pictures later.
                                      Pretty sure this is Luke tackling his brother.

                               Sometimes I put them in the crib together and they LOVE it!  I know you can't tell by Luke's face but they do.  (He gets his facial expressions from his mother )
                                        It usually always ends like this.  Jonah always tackles his brother.

                                           Jonah on left, Luke on right.  Before he got the helmet
                                      I came into the room from doing something and found the boys like this. Jonah thought it was so funny that Luke was bouncing on top of him.
                                            Watching the AZ Cardinals practice in Flagstaff, AZ
                                         Cousin Tracy was so nice to to get a babysitter for her kids and let Aaron and I into the gates and get a lot of the players signatures on Luke's helmet. It was awesome! They would come right up to us and sign his helmet and a little football for Jonah. The majority of the players were so kind and talkative but some just wanted to get out of there so fast. (I don't blame them after a long day of practice)
                                           Enjoying the cooler weather
                               Watching the practice. It was my first time going and it is was pretty cool to see the players up close.
                                                         Aaron and Luke waiting to get signatures of the players
                                                   Jonah is excited to see the players
                                             Grass!  They didn't even cry when we put them down.
                                                       Ready to head home. It was a very successful cardinal camp! Thank you Tracy!
                                          Tired little boys!

10 Months

Stats: Luke-22.5 lbs (58th percentile), 30.5 inch (88th percentile)
          Jonah-23 lbs (68th percentile), 29.5 inch (64th percentile)

My boys are 10 months!!  It is so weird to think that in just 2 months they will be 1 years old!  My tiny little babies are no more (sniff, sniff).  9 and 10 months were big ones for the boys, their personalities came out so much.  Some fun facts about the little dudes....
Luke--Much more calm than Jonah, although he has his days.  He will just stare at you and it is hilarious.  He gets it from his mom. ;)  Loves being thrown up in the air, rolls everywhere or will just sit and play and not take the time to move. He loves standing up and holding onto something but still needs some help, loves talking jibberish, mmm-ah, da-da, when you lay him down in bed he starts pumping his legs up and down on the mattress and flaps his hands with excitement. When he is getting tired he will make a noise and hold it out for a really long time.  It almost sounds like he is doing one of  those breathing exercises where you let out air for as long as possible.  It is so funny! Sometimes I am shocked at how long he will let the noise go.  such a trooper for having his helmet on all day long.  He hardly ever cries about it.  He is definitely an observer and I usually don't have to worry about taking them somewhere and getting mad/upset because I know that they will both observe people and their surroundings.  That makes them happy!  When he does smile it is so cute!  Loves when I sing songs and do interactive songs with him.  Loves tickle time and especially bath time!  He is starting to let out random girl screams.  The poor guy gets attacked by his brother because of his awesome helmet so we have to rescue him daily. He is such a joy and I think that instead of wanting to come out of me first and causing all the trouble, I think Jonah PUSHED him out!  
Jonah-  Is everywhere now that he crawls and is getting really good about pulling himself up.  He crawled our little steps that we have in our house and I didn't know if he could crawl back down them, but he did!  If you say his name real loud and "No" , he will stop and turned around and look at you and sometimes he stops and other times he doesn't. ;)  He is our cheesy smile boy and he curls he hunches over when we does it sometimes.  He is a good eater and will eat anything I put on his tray or in his mouth. No wondering what it is, he just opens his mouth.  Luke is getting to be more picky and has to look at it first before he opens his mouth.  Jonah is more fiesty (sp?) and goes after anything.  He loves attacking his brother to get the helmet.  Just the other day I heard Luke start crying and I came in to see that Jonah had both of his hands on his brother and was pushing on his stomach and face just to get the helmet.  He does love to get his brother laughing and I have a few videos of it.  They will just start laughing with each other.  Jonah is our whiner!  I am a little scared about this as he gets older.  He also says mmmah, dada, and bbbah.   Is usually the one crying out in the mornings  while Luke will lay there with the binky in his mouth.  It's as if Luke knows that his brother will do the yelling for him. He loves rocking back and forth and now that he is crawling he wants to follow me where I go.  He too loves, songs, tickle time, and chewing on anything he can get his hands on.  He used to love being thrown up in the air but just recently gets really scared when you do it.  Jonah can be so funny and we love him!  

I was eating lunch and looked down to find that Jonah had taken off the lid of puffs and poured them out.  Luke rolled over to have snacking time with his brother. 
                                                       Hi mom!
                                                These are good!
                                            Jonah starting out crawling.  He would just get in the stance and fall down or he would do the "downward dog" pose from yoga. It was so cute!  Luke looks on in envy.
                                                      All ready for bed!

                                               Jonah is working on his crawling pose
                                      Jonah watches his cousin Anderson for some tips on how to crawl
                                     Julie and Rich came for a visit.  We got see Isabella and Anderson, yay!
                                           This is the day that Jonah crawled for the first time!  He was trying to get the remote control and Aaron just kept pushing it away and eventually he just went for it.  I am shocked at how fast they learn to crawl and once they do it.  There is no turning back!
                                            I think Luke is getting a little frustrated watching his brother move wherever he wants and he has to roll.
                                           Asking him, "how do you do that?"  :)
                                              Playtime in the crib.  They usually love this but Jonah did not this day. ;)
                                   I think I know why.  This is a typical Jonah face.  He is the King of Whining!
                               Hey guys!  I feel like their room is still a work in progress. Maybe in 10 years it will be complete ;)
                                          Huntington Beach!!  We visited CA this month to see our friends and to have a break from the sun.  Sadly, HB was having a bit of a heat wave the weekend we came. ;(  I must say it still felt wonderful and we loved seeing Alicia and Scott Bair.  Aaron and Scott served their missions together in Canada and were later roomates when they went to ASU.  We all got married the same time and have missed them so much since they moved.  Here are their cute little boys playing on the beach with Luke and Jonah.  They loved our boys so much and our boys loved them. ;)

                                                   Loving the beach life

                                                Jonah on the left, Luke on the right
                                                            My handsome man getting some sun!
                                                A night on the pier means jackets!  Finally some refreshing weather

There are so many more pictures for 10 months that I need to post on here but they are on Aaron's phone.  Life has been amazing with these two little guys in our life.  I feel like Aaron and I are such a good team and have been loving every moment with them.  We have been blessed with such good babies, I feel spoiled!